2019 School Selection: High School

The school selection process opened Friday, Sept. 20 and will be open through Nov. 1 at 5 pm. For important dates and more information, visit https://www.philasd.org/findyourfit/

Cook-Wissahickon’s school counselor Ms. Kelly Getts provided all 8th grade students with a copy of the High School Directory. This Directory has information on every School District of Philadelphia public High School, including all of their admission requirements.

“Students should only apply to schools in which they fit within the admissions criteria. By this point, students should be narrowing down their search and choosing 5 School District of Philadelphia schools to apply to,” explains Ms. Getts.

Some schools require essays, auditions, and/or letters of recommendation. Please check specific requirements in the Directory or PSD website. If a student needs a teacher letter of recommendation, s/he must request the letter from the teacher no later than October 1.

You can check out this information sheet about Open Houses at a number of high schools. All of the information is subject to change, but it’s up to date as of today. And be sure to visit https://www.philasd.org/findyourfit/ or consult the High School Directory for specific information about high schools for which you want to schedule tours or shadow days.