About the HSA

We are parents and guardians of students in Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School committed to working together to strengthen our school community and enrich our children’s education. Together with our school’s teachers, staff, and other community partners, we play a large role in the success of our school.

Over the past few years, our Home and School Association has:

  • Raised money to offset the costs of field trips, school supplies, and events
  • Paid for a new playground, benches, and picnic tables
  • Coordinated annual events including book fairs, the holiday shop, teacher appreciation luncheons, and Fun and Fit Day
  • Won grants to green our school campus and to install a kiln in our art room
  • Established community partnerships with local universities and other organizations
  • Run parent-led after-school clubs
  • Coordinated parent volunteering in the classroom

Please join the HSA – download and fill out the 2019-20 Membership Paper Form here or fill out the Google Form here. All parents, guardians, and community members are welcome.

Every parent and guardian is encouraged to attend meetings, volunteer, and become a voting member of the Home and School Association. Suggested dues are $5.00 per year. Every parent and guardian is encouraged to attend meetings and share their ideas and determine how we can best serve the school and our students. Teachers and staff can also join.

2019/2020 School Year Officers are:

  • Dan McGurk, Co-President
  • Alyssa Butler, Vice President
  • Stefanie Tuleya, Corresponding Secretary
  • Elisabeth Colella, Treasurer
  • Janine Simick, Recording Secretary
  • Gina Snyder, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Vacant, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Kellie Ryan, Activities Coordinator

About the HSA

Dan McGurk: Still “new” to Philadelphia and the school district, I started my child (Molly-6th Grade) at Cook-Wissahickon with the knowledge that they had a great Kindergarten teacher. I knew nothing about how the school system worked, but have come away more impressed every year. I am heavily involved with the musical and choir as I love seeing the sense of accomplishment and pride the children have when they are apart of something great. This year my son, Elliot, is also at the school in Kindergarten.
I hope to show other parents that there’s a place for them in their child’s school, if they’re willing. At Cook-Wissahickon, we are fortunate to have resources that other city schools do not. However, the system is fickle and we can easily lose those resources if we don’t nurture our school. Seeing as how I have another 9 years to go as a parent of a Cook-Wiss kid, I hope to get input from a wide-selection of parents along the way to ensure that it’s not just an amazing experience for some kids, but all kids at Cook-Wissahickon.
We’ve been in Philly 10 years now. I’m originally from Pittsburgh and moved here after a short 6 years in Baltimore.
During the week, I write auto estimates for a major insurance carrier.
You can contact me at cookwisshsa@gmail.com.

Alyssa Butler: I love Cook-Wissahickon because of the great staff, involved parents, and all of the lovely children my child has met this year! There is a lot of passion for students to learn, succeed and have fun by both the parents and the staff at Cook-Wissahickon.
I hope to accomplish more great families to come and experience our gem of a school!

Stefanie Tuleya: I have been a Cook-Wissahickon parent since 2010 when my oldest son started Kindergarten. My younger son is currently in 6th grade at CW and we love the school and the wonderful CW teachers, staff, and families! I’ve been involved in various roles in the HSA for many years. I’m also the Treasurer of the Wissahickon Sustainability Council (aka the Green Committee). As the HSA secretary, my goal is to keep this website updates and to communicate with CW families through emails and social media posts about things going on around the school or to share volunteer requests from teachers and our volunteer coordinator. If you aren’t receiving our emails, sign up here! You can contact me at cookwisshsanews@gmail.com.

Elisabeth Colella: Hello! Whether you know me as Elisabeth or Biz, I am a longtime parent at Cook-Wissahickon. My oldest, who started at Cook in 1st grade, is now a sophmore at Temple University. I have seven children—all of whom have attended Cook. Currently I have a 1st and 2nd graderr. My husband Tony, who is the manager of Wawa in Roxborough, and I moved to Wissahickon 14 years ago. While there isn’t always much faith in the Philadelphia School District, my husband and I couldn’t be any prouder to tell people that our kids attend Cook-Wissahickon. Cook-Wissahickon has been an incredible school for my children providing them with the foundation they needed to receive a great education. Currently, 6 of my children are in different Philadelphia public schools. Besides my 1st and 2nd grader, I have a sophomore at GAMP, an 8th grader at SLA Middle School, and two 6th graders at Masterman. When families and schools come together it provides a great education for the children! Looking forward to another great year!
You can contact me at cookwissahickontreasurer@gmail.com.

Janine Simick: I am originally from Doylestown (Bucks County) but moved to Philadelphia when I started at Temple University in 2004 and never left. I have been teaching for the past 12 years and I am currently an 8th grade Math teacher. I love living in Roxborough and I love Cook-Wissahickon! Our school has a great sense of community and I love seeing all of the friendly faces around the neighborhood.
My daughter Kelsie is in second grade at Cook. Kelsie and I enjoy visiting different parks, restaurants, museums, etc throughout the city and we also try to travel as frequently as possible. Kelsie is a very active person and participates in Roxborough’s gymnastics, dance, and softball programs. In first grade she was part of Cook-Wissahickon’s musical, which was a great experience for both of us. We have made some wonderful friends within the school and I love everything that the school has to offer.

Gina Snyder: Hi, I love the school. Cook-Wiss is a school that has everything we could ask for: great and caring teachers, involved staff, terrific music program (including instrument lessons, singing, choir, and musical), computer instruction, outdoor play, art, as well as subject matter classroom instruction. The environmental support through the volunteers of the WSC improves the look and health of the school. It makes me happy to raise funds for the school so that we can have some extras that enhance the educational experience. Local businesses are so kind to support the children and teachers here. 
My husband Dave and I have two boys at Cook-Wiss in 4th and 5th grades. We are originally from upstate New York and have lived in Philly for about 20 years. I am a non-profit fundraising and management consultant (and was formerly the director of the East Falls Development Corp) and Dave is a professor of Mechanical Engineering. We lived in Marseille, France for the 2017-18 school year.     

Kellie Ryan: I’m originally from Southern Cali, but also with roots in FL and MD, I finally found my home in Philly upon attending La Salle University in 2003. At La Salle, I met my husband, Matthew, through the crew team. Eventually, Matt and I married in 2011 and bought our forever home in Manayunk in April of 2011. We both decided that we wanted to raise our family near the city so they could experience the same love and passion for it that we have. Braedan who is currently in second grade at Cook, was born in 2012 and in 2014, our second son, Zachary, now in Kindergarten at Cook, was born. As a family, we love exploring new places and have no shame in getting messy—whether it’s in the Wissahickon creek or jumping in the ocean with all our clothes on. Never stop exploring is not only my and Matt’s alma mater’s catch phrase but also our families. We are so thrilled to explore all that Cook has to offer and I am excited to take an active role in the community as the Activities Co-Coordinator and 5k Race Director.