Current Volunteer Needs

Current Volunteer Needs:

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11/18-11/22 – November Book Fair: We are excited for our first book fair this school year on November 18-22! Every purchase from the book fair earns rewards for our school. We need several volunteers to make this a success. You can sign up to volunteer, check out the class schedule, and create an e-wallet for your student to shop here!

2019-2020 Library Volunteers: Thanks to the volunteers at West Philadelphia Alliance for Children (WePAC), the CW library is open:
• Thursday from 9:15-3:30pm for K-3, going with their classes.
• Tuesday from 11:00am-1:00pm for 4th to 8th.
The WePAC volunteers could use more help. And the more help they get, the better chance of more hours for the library to be open. Money raised from last year’s Book Fair funded $600 worth of new books for the library this year. Volunteers do need clearances. Contact for more information or visit the HSA office.

2019-2020 Classroom Parents Program: Our Class Parent Program helps with so much, from organizing donations for the teachers, volunteering for field trips, and helping to increase parent involvement in our school – but we can’t do it without you! If you’re interested in signing up or learning more about the program, please email Ashley Rummelt at We’re looking for both Head Class Parents to help steer the program, as well as Supporting Class Parents who may have limited time but still would like to contribute. Whatever your capacity, we’d love to have you! Thank you for considering!