50th Anniversary Fundraising Drive

The Cook-Wissahickon School will be celebrating its 50th birthday during the 2019 school year!

To honor the occasion, we are asking each family to contribute $10, $25, or $50.  Our goal is to raise $4,000 from Cook-Wissahickon families and relatives. Those funds will be used to improve the basketball courts, support student activities, provide funds to teachers so that they can offer more learning tools to your children, and offer scholarships for summer learning opportunities for our teachers, with the larger goal of strengthening and building on the 50-year history of our wonderful school.  

Click here to donate to our fundraising drive via PayPal (add memo line: CW-HSA Fundraiser 2019). Or, you can send a check payable to Cook-Wissahickon HSA and send it to school in an envelope marked “HSA.”

Every family that contributes will be listed and thanked on our web page!  

We are so grateful to the families that have donated (*list updated as of January 27, 2019):

We’re 25% of the way to our goal!
  • Brich Mainoa Family
  • Bunch Family
  • Cabrera Morales Family
  • Carey Family
  • Carmichael Family
  • Collier-Jones Family
  • Corbin Family
  • D’Agostino Family
  • DiStefano Family
  • Dixon Family
  • Farace Family
  • Fields Family
  • Fitzgerald Family
  • Flesher Family
  • Giberson Family
  • Goddard Family
  • Heacock Family
  • Marshall-Sabir Family
  • McCullough Family
  • McGurk Family
  • Pecott Family
  • Portz Family
  • Praga Family
  • Ramcema Family
  • Ryan Family
  • Schech’s Family
  • Traister Family
  • Tuleya Family
  • Wagner Family
  • White Family
  • Wootton/Snyder Family